City Council

May 2nd, 2016


Call to Order

Study Session

1. Safe Routes to School 10-year Anniversary Update



Special Orders of the Day

2. Proclamation of the City Council Honoring Kathy Durham



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments



Oral Communications

Minutes Approval

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the April 18, 2016 Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

4. Approval of the Final Fire Insurance Settlement and Payment to Frank Benest for his Ownership Interest for Property Located at 2257 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, California and Approval an Amendment to the Budget in the General Fund

5. Approval of Amendment Number One to Contract Number C15159225 in the Amount of $60,000 With Municipal Resource Group for Council Appointed Officers Evaluations to add Services and Increase the Total Amount Not-to-Exceed From $123,000 to $183,000

6. Approval of a Contract for the Joint Purchase, Maintenance and use of a Tractor Drawn Trailer Aerial Ladder Truck With the City of Mountain View Fire, With a Purchase Amount Not-to-exceed $630,543

7. Review and Approve Walk and Roll Maps for Addison, El Carmelo, Fairmeadow, Hoover, JLS Middle, Jordan Middle, Nixon, Palo Alto High, Walter Hays Public Schools and the Monroe Park Neighborhood



Action Items

12. Colleagues’ Memo From Council Members Dubois, Filseth, Holman and Schmid Regarding the Creation of an Evergreen Parking Permit Program



9. Finance Committee Recommends Adoption of the 2016-17 Action Plan and Associated 2016-17 Funding Allocations and Adoption of a Resolution Approving the use of Community Development Block Grant Funds for Fiscal Year 2016-17 Consistent With the Finance Committee’s Recommendation



8. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of an Ordinance Establishing a Single Story Overlay District for 202 Homes Within the Royal Manor Tract Number 1556 by Amending the Zoning Map to Re-Zone the Area From R-1 Single Family Residential and R-1 (7,000) to R-1(S) and R-1(7000)(S) Single Family Residential with Single Story Overlay. The Proposed Royal Manor Single Story Overlay Rezoning Boundary Includes 202 Properties Addressed as Follows: Even Numbered Addresses on Loma Verde Avenue, Addresses 984-1058; Even and Odd-Numbered Greer Road Addresses, 3341-3499; Even and Odd-Numbered Kenneth Drive Addresses, 3301-3493; Even and Odd-Numbered Janice Way Addresses, 3407 to 3498; Even and Odd-Numbered Thomas Drive addresses, 3303-3491; Odd-Numbered Addresses on Stockton Place, 3315-3395; and Odd-Numbered Louis Road Addresses, 3385 to 3465. Environmental Assessment: Exempt From the California Environmental Quality Act Per Section 15305. (Continued from April 18th Meeting)



10. PUBLIC HEARING: Updates to the Energy Reach Code: an Ordinance Repealing and Restating Chapter 16.17 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Adopt the 2016 California Energy Code, Title 24, Chapter 6, of the California Code of Regulations, and Local Amendments



11. Initial Polling Results Regarding Feasibility of a Potential City Transportation Tax on Businesses to Raise Funds to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Address the Availability of Parking, and other Transportation Improvement Options

Inter-Governmental Legislative Affairs

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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