City Council

October 16th, 2023


Call to Order

This meeting will be called to order in honor of National Book Month.



Special Orders of the Day

  1. The Great California Shakeout


2. 26th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) Proclamation


Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions


Public Comment




Study Session

3. Bi-Annual Discussion with the Independent Police Auditor



Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Minutes from September 18, 2023 and October 2, 2023 Meetings

5. Approve Additional Funding for the Human Services Resource Allocation Process for Ada’s Cafe and Approve a Budget Amendment in the General Fund. CEQA Status – Not A Project.

6. Approval of Contract Number C24187903 Contract C24187903 With Daleo, Inc. in the Amount of $7,826,860 for the Gas Main Replacement Project 24B (GS-14003) on University Avenue and surrounding streets in the University Park and Crescent Park neighborhoods, at a business district complex adjacent to Geng Road, and at Town & Country Village Plaza at Embarcadero Road and El Camino Real including water main and service replacements at this location; Authorization for the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute Related Change Orders Not-to-Exceed of $782,686, for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $8,609,546; and Approval of Budget Amendments in the Gas and Water Funds. CEQA status – Exempt per CEQA Guidelines 15302(c) (Replacement or Reconstruction of Existing Facilities).

7. Adoption of a Resolution to Vacate a Public Utility Easement at 160, 162, and 164 Waverley Street. CEQA Status – Exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15305.

8. Update on the Memorandum of Understanding and Funding Agreement with Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB/Caltrain) and the City of Menlo Park Regarding Emergency Repairs to the North Bank of San Francisquito Creek and Approval of a Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Amendment in the Capital Improvement Fund; CEQA exempt per Reg. 15269. ​

9. Approval of Construction Contract with Golden Bay Construction, Inc. in the Amount of $1,247,069 and Authorization for the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute Change Orders up to a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $311,767 for the Capacity Upgrades along East Meadow Drive (SD-22000) and Connection to Adobe Creek Pump Station from East Meadow Circle (SD-26000), Storm Drainage System Replacement and Rehabilitation (SD-06101), and Sidewalk Repairs (PO-89003); CEQA status – exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15301(c).

10. Approval of Financing Plan for a Local Salt Removal Facility at the Regional Water Quality Control Plant and Direct Staff to Secure Financing and Solicit Bids for a Construction Contract and Construction Management Services Contract as Recommended by Finance Committee. CEQA status – Project analyzed in 2019 Addendum to the 2015 Environmental Impact Report for the Palo Alto Recycled Water Project (SCH 2011062037), approved November 18, 2019.

Public Comment

11. Authorization of the City Manager or their designee to execute a change order to Contract C20177344 with Bear Electrical Services for On-Call Traffic Signal and Electrical Services to Extend the Term through March 1, 2024 with No Change to the Not To Exceed Amount of $375,000; CEQA status – categorically exempt.

12. 340 Portage Avenue and 3201-3225 Ash Street [23PLN-00226]: Denial of Resident’s Request for Historic Designation of the Cannery Building located at 200-404 Portage Avenue as well as the Office Building at 3201-3225 Ash Street as Category I or II Resources on the City’s Local Historic Inventory. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the Provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) In Accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3).

Public Comment



City Manager Comments



Action Items

13. Direction to Staff to Develop a Proposal to Lease the Cubberley site from the Palo Alto Unified School District for 55 years or Provide Alternative Direction to Transfer Ownership or Control to the City; CEQA status – not a project.

Public Comments


14. City Council Discussion and Potential Direction on Feedback Regarding the Proposed Joint Powers Agency (JPA) Agreement for Cities Association of Santa Clara County; CEQA: Not a Project


Public Comment