City Council

January 22nd, 2024


Call to Order

Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions



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Consent Calendar

  1. Approval of Minutes from January 8, 2024 Meeting

2. Approval of Purchase Order With Siemens Inc. in the Amount of $489,527 for FY 2024 to Purchase Sixteen (16) 12KV Circuit Breakers for Hanover and Hansen Way Substations. CEQA Status: Exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15302 (Replacement of Existing Structures).

Consent Questions

3. Adopt a Park Dedication Ordinance for the Tower Well site, 0.19 acres of land (8,437 square feet) at 201 Alma Street and approve the proposed name “Tower Well Park” as Recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission. CEQA status – not a project.

Public Comment

4. Adoption of an Urgency Ordinance and an Ordinance Amending Palo Alto Municipal Code Title 18 (Zoning) Chapters 18.14 (Housing Incentives), 18.76 (Permits and Approvals), and 18.77 (Processing of Permits and Approvals) to Implement Housing Element Program 1.3 Creating By-Right Zoning Approval for Specific Housing Element Inventory Sites. CEQA Status: An Addendum to the City’s Comprehensive Plan Environmental Impact Report was Prepared for the 2023-2031 Housing Element.

5. Adoption of an Ordinance Authorizing the Improvements to the Palo Alto Baylands as Part of the Horizontal Levee Pilot Project and Approval of a Cooperative Agreement with the Association of Bay Area Governments to Construct the Horizontal Levee Pilot Project (WQ-22001); CEQA – exempt under Section 15133.

Consent Questions

6. QUASI-JUDICIAL. 949 Scott Street [22PLN-00410]: Request for City Council Hearing on the Director’s Decision to Approve a Variance application to Allow a New Single-Story, Single-Family Home with a Basement to Encroach into the Front, Side, and Rear Setbacks and Deviate from Standards for Below Grade Patio Side and Rear Setbacks, and Number of Parking Spaces. Zoning District: R-2. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per Section 15303.

Public Comment

7. QUASI-JUDICIAL. 420 Acacia [23PLN-00059]: Request for Approval of a Vesting Tentative Map to Allow for a Condominium Subdivision to Create 16 Units on a Single 35,573 Square Foot Parcel. The Subdivision map Would Facilitate Construction of the Previously Approved 33,833 Square Foot Mixed-use Development Project (23PLN-00058). Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the Provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act in Accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15332 (In-fill Development) and 15315 (Minor land Divisions). Zoning District: Split Zoning Designation of RM-30 and R-1 (Multi-Family and Single-Family Residential).

8. Approval of the Office of the City Auditor’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Agreement Audit Report as Recommended by Policy & Services Committee (CEQA Status – Not a Project).

9. Approval of Office of City Auditor Risk Assessment and Audit Plan (CEQA Status – Not a Project).



City Manager Comments




Action Items

10. Approval of an Employment Agreement and Approval of Resolution to Appoint Mahealani Ah Yun to the Position of City Clerk at an Annual Salary of $165,000. CEQA Status – Not a Project.



11. Adoption of a Resolution and Approving an Easement Relocation Agreement Relocating and Vacating a 25 Foot Public Service Easement at the Castilleja School at 1263 Emerson Street and 220 Embarcadero Road (also commonly known as 1310 Bryant Street), Assessor Parcel Numbers 124-12-033 & 124-12-034; CEQA status – categorically exempt.




12. Review and Accept the FY 2025 – FY 2034 Long Range Financial Forecast (LRFF) and FY 2025 Budget Development Guidelines as Recommended by the Finance Committee, CEQA Status – Not a Project.

Staff Presentation



13. Update regarding State and Federal Legislation and Approval of the Annual Legislative Guidelines and Legislative Platform as Recommended by the Policy & Service Committee. CEQA Status – Not a Project.

Draft 2024 Legislative Guidelines

Staff Presentation



Public Comment – Continued