City Council Rail Committee

November 8th, 2017


Call to Order

Oral Communications



Study Session

1. Presentation by the City of Menlo Park on Their Railroad Grade
Separation Project at Ravenswood Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue and
Glenwood Avenue



Action Items

2. Recommend City Council Approval of an Addendum to the Rail
Committee Charter and Discuss the Organization and Format of Future
Rail Committee Meetings for Community Input (Continued From
October 11, 2017)



3. Summary of Upcoming Community Round Tables

Next Steps and Future Agendas




Moved to Next Meeting

4. Review and Provide Direction on Draft Community Questionnaire
Number Two

5. Review and Comment on Draft Rail Corridor Circulation Study White

Agenda Review and Staff Update

6. Receive and Review Rail Program Briefing Paper From October 2017

Interagency Communications

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