City Council Rail Committee

August 9th, 2022


Call to Order

Oral Communications



Action Items

1. Discuss Consideration and Prioritization of Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossings as it relates to Grade Separations Across the Caltrain Rail Corridor and Make Recommendations to the City Council Regarding any Proposed Changes.


Packet Pg. 4



Verbal Update on Interagency Activities

a. Caltrain

b. VTA

c. City Staff

Next Steps and Future Agendas


• June 23, 2022 Letter from Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Re: Request for 2016 Measure B Caltrain Grade Separation Funding for Advance Planning of Grade Separation Projects

• June 14, 2022 Letter from Palo Alto to Cal Train RE: Fourtracking Refinement Requests (late add)

• June 14, 2022 Letter from Palo Alto to Cal Train Re: Request to Review and Respond to Key Technical Issues/Questions (late add)

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