City Council Retreat

January 30th, 2016


Call to Order 

Mayor’s Welcome and Overview of the Day 

Oral Communications

1. FY 2016 Performance Report and National Citizen Survey (Continued From January 25, 2016)



2. Council Annual Priorities Settings

A. Process Foundation

B. Public Comment

C. Individual Nominees (Council Member Explanations)

D. Action: Final Grouping into Priorities, Vote and Approval



3. Priorities and Staff Work Plan: Getting the Work Done

A. Council’s Priorities Projects

B. Discussion of Topics for Special Committee of the Whole and Council Study Sessions

It is hoped that Priorities Setting and Work Plan review will inform a productive discussion about changes that could enhance Council decisions and Staff work. Follow-up action a a subsequent Council Meeting may be necessary.



4. Adoption of a Resolution Setting the Council’s Summer Break and Winter Closure

5. Wrap-Up and Next Steps


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