City Parade for Palo Alto 2020 Graduates

The city of Palo Alto came together to celebrate their 2020 graduating seniors by hosting a car parade. High school seniors and their families drove along a route that circled through the city and past cheering residents. The class of 2020 had to forego the traditional end of school rites of passage: prom, group field trips, and even the graduation ceremony itself. Parents, teachers, students, and local communities throughout the U.S. have come up with ways they can celebrate their hard-working and well-deserving grads despite pandemic-related restrictions.

Supporters lined the streets, hoisted signs, jumped up and down, and waved at grads as they passed by. Cars made their way through the parade route with horns blazing, messages of celebration painted on their windows, and carried streamer and balloon decorations. Grads waved from inside the cars, with some even popping up out of their sunroofs to greet their fans. School colors, green and white, red and black were proudly worn. Additional noisemakers, bells, and a gallon drum beating added to the festive mood.

Midpen Media recorded the car parade, edited the footage down to an hour, and coordinated it with Pomp and Circumstance Marches. Watch the playback on channel 28 this month or anytime on our YouTube channel. 

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

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