Civic Participation is a Turn On!


Over the past two days we have recorded a slew of candidate statements and ballot measure arguments for the upcoming general election. The races include school district boards, a water district board, a healthcare board, and important local measures regarding development projects, city employee pensions, firefighter cutback procedures, and healthcare coverage for disadvantaged children. These local issues are usually in the shadows of state and national races in general elections and it’s not easy for a conscientious voter to find comprehensive resources to help inform a voting decision.

These video voter resources are tremendous assets and we hope you will help us to disseminate the internet links and our cable playback schedule. Do you have any ideas you can share about how you might help us get these resources to the voters in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties?

The specific videos will cover two Palo Alto measures, two Menlo Park measures, two Santa Clara County measures, one San Mateo county measure, two school districts in Menlo Park, the Sequoia Healthcare District in San Mateo Cty, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Additionally we will be recording candidate forums for those running for Atherton Town Council, Menlo Park City Council, and San Mateo County Supervisor.

As soon as we upload them to the internet we will post the links on our own Elections page and on

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