Classic Movie Nights in 2021

In 2020, the Midpen Media Center hosted 29 movie nights for the friends and film enthusiasts in our community. These movies ranged from black and white silent films to classic love stories to spooky creature features. They were available for free to anyone with access to our local channels or our Facebook page.

We are excited to report that this year, in 2021, Midpen Movie Nights will continue with some notable changes. Primarily, we’ve reimagined the movie night schedule. Beginning this month, we are transitioning away from hosting a laid back movie night every week and will instead host one movie every month. Want to know a little more about what movie events you can look forward to? Keep an eye on our website in the coming days for the official reveal of our 2021 movie night schedule!

We could not be happier to continue providing our friends and neighbors with these nights of fun, nostalgic, and occasionally very silly movies. The 2020 Midpen Movie Nights have been a treasured opportunity to connect with our community. We deeply value getting to laugh at goofy movies in such good company. Looking to the future, we hope you’ll join us as we keep on celebrating everything we love about movies, media, and the power they have to bring people together.