Comprehensive Plan Update Citizens Advisory Committee

April 19th, 2016


Call to Order

Oral Communication



Staff Comments:

1. Introduction of Elaine Costello, new project manager for the Comp Plan Update.

2. Recap of discussion at City Council, including March 21 meeting of housing sites and programs and schedule revisions.



Agenda Items:

1. Report from the CAC housing delegation to the March 21 City Council meeting



2. Status update on the revised Draft Community Services and Facilities (CSF) Element from the CSF Subcommittee



3. Report from the April 6 Land Use Subcommittee meeting

4. Discussion of the Land Use & Community Design Element

a. Height limit

b. Coordinated Area Plans

c. Parkland acquisition

d. Fostering mixed use

e. Dynamic Growth management tools

Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Future Meetings


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