Connecting Palo Alto: Help Design the Future of Palo Alto’s Rail Corridor

September 16th, 2017



Introductions – Jim Keene, City Manager

Greetings, Workshop Purpose, & Rail Committee Update – Tom DuBois, Council Member



Program Overview

Agenda Overview, Project Q&A – Scott Steinwert, Facilitator

Survey 1: Problem Statement, Objectives, Evaluation Criteria



Presentation and Exercise #1

Future Conditions and Lessons from Ongoing Traffic Circulation Study – Josh Mello, Chief Transportation Official

Breakout Exercise #1 – Discussion of Impacts & Trade-Offs

Survey 2: Preferences & Priorities




Presentation and Exercise #2

Types of Grade Separations & Constraints – Chris Metzger, Engineer Analyst

Breakout Exercise #2 – Discussion of Alternatives




Closing Remarks & Look Ahead – Scott Steinwert

Survey 3: Preferences, Priorities & Workshop Feedback

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