Curious About What Goes Into A Studio Show Production? Stan Ng Shows Us How!

Yesterday, studio volunteers under the direction of studio tech Matt Harnack produced the next episode of Fredrico’s Kitchen, a cooking show. Fred focused on Big Meals for the holiday and demonstrated meals involving roast pork and roast chicken. Staff member Stan Ng volunteered as crew and prior to set up placed a flip cam up on the lighting grid and pressed “record”. Watch the time lapse production right here. My favorite part is the crew and the studio audience storming the set to get hold of some of that pork and chicken the instant Director Bill Lindemann closed the show. One wonders how Stan has time to do all the stuff he does plus continue to do cool things like this for our benefit and enjoyment. You can see how fun it is to set up, light, produce and then break down the set for a half hour studio show. And if you want to see the show in real time and including the use of the fourth camera for demonstration purposed watch at these times: Channel 28, Wednesday 11 am and next Monday night, December 20 at 8 pm.

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