Darlene Carman Presents: The Art of Ikebana

From structural to delicate, Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging, captures a moment in time. Rachel Johnson talks about the concepts and purpose of Ikebana on “Darlene Carman Presents.” The minimalist art form of utilizing plant materials to showcase flowers in beautiful spaces has been practiced for 500 years. When absorbed in creating her floral sculptures, Johnson feels peaceful as she looks to create balance and harmony within arrangements.

Johnson demonstrates crafting three different freestyle arrangements on the show using different flower types, sizes, colors and containers. The examples evoke blowing wind, elegant simplicity and red hot fireworks. Johnson teaches her students to relax and engage with the materials and listen to what the flower wants to do within the arrangement. Visit Johnson’s Simply Grounded website for details on her Ikebana classes and watch this episode of “Darlene Carman Presents” for floral inspiration.