David Simon’s Document Page

Informational Documents and Forms for Producers

Media Center producers are welcome to download and use the materials on this page.

General Studio Producer Information and Forms

ProducerOverviewv3 Overview of producing, including a checklist, a sample rundown sheet, and useful tips
Program Proposal Web-based form for proposing a new program in our studio
Producer Agreement Web-based form agreeing to our studio terms
Televise Program Web-based form for releasing a show for cablecast and web posting
SampleRundownSheet Sample rundown sheet
ProducerChecklist Checklist for producers

Handling Media

MediaFileTransfer Instructions for preparing media to bring to the Media Center for inclusion in a show or to send to CableCast.  Instructions for taking a show for editing or uploading.
MakingPegMediaFilesf Instructions for converting files to upload to  PEG media
MC Leader HD The 10-second Media Center splash leader

Useful Documents for Guests

Skype Caller Instructions Suggestions for people appearing over Skype.
InformationForGuests Information for guests coming to the studio.
TalentRelease Talent Release, sometimes called a Personal Appearance Release
MaterialRelease Copyrighted Material Release