Democratic Champion Eitan Fenson Remembered

Democratic Party champion and San Francisco Peninsula community organizer Eitan Fenson passed away on June 30th. His memorial service was held August 3rd in Palo Alto. Eitan was a driving force behind opening the Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) in Palo Alto ahead of schedule before the 2018 mid-term elections, allowing time to achieve progressive objectives. In her message to members, DVC Board of Directors Chair Pam Salvatierra said, “We will always remember Eitan’s enthusiasm and tireless work on behalf of democracy and our common goals.”

In 2017, Eitan worked with Indivisible South Bay, another political organization, to create a series of discussion shows “Strategies for Progressive Action” at Midpen Media. He hosted and co-directed alongside Lisa Ferino and community producer Robert Edgar. The series of shows are geared to help local Democrats navigate the changing political landscape. “Eitan leaves us now with the investments we all made together, the work still to be done, and the inertia that is our takeaway,” says Edgar.

The Indivisible South Bay playlist is available to watch online. It continues to give hope and actionable political steps to make positive change.