Document It! Class Film Screening

Films from our first “Document It!” class premiered at an online screening at the end of June. The topics explored in the films focused on personal and external responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the class, students learned how to record and edit footage, work with graphics, and music and voice-overs to tell a compelling story. At the screening, it was clear that the students enjoyed working with each other and their instructors and had created a safe space to learn and be open. Midpen Media Marketing & Communications Manager Joanne Sperans says, “I was impressed with the camaraderie of the students, the quality and variety of the documentaries from comedic to inspiring to so moving that several of us got teary.”

Four of the five films produced during the class are available to watch on YouTube. Glimpse family life as a father interviews his two boys about how they found out about the pandemic and what they’ve been up to as they shelter in place. The multi-talented boys generate lots of laughter and surprises! 

See how nonprofits are working hard to keep East Palo Alto families safe and productive throughout the pandemic. The Boys and Girls Club feeds full meals to families, serving between 1.2K and 2K meals a day. Street Code Academy helped school kids to continue receiving education from home by giving out laptops. 

Filmmaker Rick Bacigalupi has changed his daily routine to stay safe during the pandemic and is frustrated to see some people ignoring health guidelines. He shares a poignant message about doing what you can to protect the health of others.

And follow two novice gardeners in a double interview as they look for a respite from the pandemic in their backyards. They grow pretty things to look at and plants that will bear fruit and veggies to keep them fed!