Don’t Shoot the Programming Manager! DN to Start a Tad Late Through Dec. 5!

Well you can’t please all the people all of the time! How does the old saying go? November 15-December 5 is fundraising time for Free Speech TV. FSTV brings us Democracy Now live over satellite feed twice a day. On Channel 27, instead of starting at 9 am, DN starts at 8:30 am. But did you know that we carry the news LIVE from Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park starting at 8:25 for approximately 10 minutes every school day (more or less) on Channel 28? What we decided for the next few weeks is to kick it over to Free Speech TV at 8:35 after the Hillview kids finish up, so you will miss the first 5 minutes of Democracy Now. We can’t cut the kids! If you are thoroughly put out by this you can jog over to the Democracy Now website and catch all the headlines plus watch the latest episode right off you’re computer.

Everything will be right as rain on Monday, December 6 when DN will run at 9:00 am. And you’ll notice the afternoon rebroadcast of DN is unchanged and still runs from 4-5 pm. Throughout the fundraising period, instead of bringing you the Thom Hartmann Show at 5:30, we’ll bring you Grit TV.

It is really flattering when you folks call up and complain — and you should! It shows you care. And sure this temporary schedule is most inconvenient, but we really appreciate your sticking with us and putting up with the late start so that we can bring you the kids of Hillview School in their entirety via the Youth Broadcast Coalition.
Nota Bene: Did you know that during October we brought 91 school news broadcasts live to our viewers?! This was over the I-NET that our amazing IT Specialist Chris Pearce engineered for us. Chris helped the schools set up a “studio” and then fixed it so we can pipe in a live feed into master control here and then we relay it right out. This was accomplished in cooperation with Comcast! Thank you Comcast! So check out the Channel 27 and 28 morning schedules if you want to watch our great kids!

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