Edoardo’s At It Again – Media Center Youth Productions

Our Interns and our Youth Advisory Council are hard at work developing their craft and they seem to be able to work at lightning speed producing relevant, edgy videos. Just a few weeks ago, Edoardo de Armas was in here talking about a project he is doing for polio awareness. And today he sent me the link to it. It is with great pride I embed the video here on our blog. By the way, listen up for Dave Sorokach’s voiceover. Gorgeous.

Way to go, Edoardo! Making a difference doing the stuff you love. It’s happening right here, folks, at the Media Center. We help you develop your skills; you help us develop ours and the results are often spectacular.

Edoardo is a high school junior, a current Intern here at the Media Center and a “graduate” of our Youth Advisory Council. Edoardo is also a 2009 recipient of the coveted WAVE award for his PSA on Suicide that he produced with the help of the Media Center. Thank you Edoardo for another thought-provoking piece.

Polio YCS video from Edoardo De Armas on Vimeo.

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