Election Night Coverage


Even before the polls close in California, you can tune to your community access channels for unique election coverage. Beginning at 5 PM until 11 PM on Channel 28, you can see analysis of national results through the progressive lens of “Democracy Now!” in collaboration with “Free Speech TV”, “GritTV”, Mother Jones magazine, and The Nation.

From 8 PM onward, you can catch all the local results (San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties) and state proposition tallies as they roll in on Channel 29. Thanks to the magical programming work of Chris Pearce, we get the results as soon as the registrars update them.

We’re very curious if you tune in to a display of local election results, or if you much prefer a hosted Election Night program with candidates coming in as the guests and occasional updates on the results – as we’ve done most years before. Leave a comment!

If you don’t have cable you can watch the webstreams (If you get a message that all the “Flash” streams are being used, then click on the Quicktime link next to the player.)

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