Aspiring and experienced media producers can find classes to increase their skills at the Media Center. Hardware, software, and production values are covered by experienced instructors in a relaxed environment. We highly recommend that you start with our free hour-long Meet the Media Center & TV Studio Tour .


Storytelling (Oct. 17)

Shape and present a story from your life. Great for team building, activism, community and consensus building – in the workplace, classroom, communities of faith, and at events. “An enemy,” wrote Quaker peace activist Gene Knudsen Hoffman, is one whose story we have not heard.”We work as partners and in small groups to build and hone our “Who Am I?” stories, and to present them in compelling ways. In a supportive environment, through interactive exercises we practice active listening and energizing feedback. We illuminate the ingredients that make stories live on.

For this particular group of sessions, please register through San Mateo County Community College Continuing Education catalogue at the link below. The link will take you to the Photography and Video Classes page where you can find the Media Center classes and register. You do not need to be a resident of San Mateo County. The Media Center’s workshops will all take place at the Midpen Media Center in Palo Alto.

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Date Range Session by Session
Wednesday, Oct 17, 20186 PM - 10 PM
Elliot Margolies