“Express to De-Stress” Video Contest

In our fast-paced world, teenagers often face stressful situations daily. If stress is not dealt with in a healthy manner, negative side-effects may occur. SoundPost Youth Foundation, an organization working to give youth a platform for their talents and to interact with the community recently sponsored an “Express to De-Stress” short film contest. The goal of the contest was for youth filmmakers to inspire, alleviate stress, restore balance, and share a positive attitude through their creative work demonstrating how to deal with stress.

Midpen Media summer intern Max Luo entered his two-minute short, “How I Destress Myself” into the contest. His film was one of three third place winners and was awarded a $100 scholarship and a gift card. Luo identified smart phone use and school work as a few of his stressors and shared what he does to combat feeling stressed. The film uses music to progress narrative flow and lighting to create visual symbolism.

Watch the finalists’ videos to identify techniques that may help you overcome stress.