Finance Committee

May 7th, 2015


Call to Order

Oral Communications

Action Items

1) Employee Benefit Funds

a) General Liability Fund, Operating Budget  pp. 259-261

b) Employee Benefit Funds

i) General Benefits Fund, Operating Budget  pp. 464-468

ii) Workers Compensation Fund, Operating Budget  pp. 262-265



2) Retiree Health Benefit Fund, Operating Budget  pp. 470-471



3) Non-Departmental, Operating Budget  pp. 458-460



4) City Auditor, Operating Budget  pp. 146-157



5) Office of Sustainability, Operating Budget  pp. 184-185



6) Utilities Department

a) Electric Fund

i) Operating Budget, pp. 407-418

ii) Capital Budget, pp. 297-396

b) Fiber Optics Fund

i) Operating Budget, pp. 419-425

ii) Capital Budget, pp. 397-416

c) Gas Fund

i) Operating Budget, pp. 426-437

ii) Capital Budget, pp. 417-456

d) Wastewater Collection Fund

i) Operating Budget, pp. 438-445

ii) Capital Budget, pp. 489-528

e) Water Fund

i) Operating Budget, pp. 446-456

ii) Capital Budget, pp. 561-616



7) Public Safety Department

a) Fire, Operating Budget pp. 311-324

b) Office of Emergency Services, Operating Budget pp. 325-332

c) Police, Operating Budget pp. 333-345

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