Finance Committee

May 11th, 2021


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Proposed Operating Budget Documents Here

 Proposed Capital Budget Documents Here




1. Fiscal Year 2022 May 4 Budget Hearing Continuation

2. Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program, Capital Fund Projects a. Capital Improvement Fund b. Cubberley Capital Improvement Plan C: 53-234 C: 235-252



3. Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Hearing Continuation



4. Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program (Continued), Enterprise Fund Projects and Internal Service Fund Projects a. Information Technology i. Technology Fund b. Public Works i. Airport Fund (Public Works) ii. Stormwater Management Fund (Public Works) C: 527-559 C: 255-278 C: 403-428 iii. Wastewater Treatment Fund (Public Works) iv. Vehicle Replacement Fund c. Utilities i. Electric Fund ii. Fiber Optics Fund iii. Gas Fund iv. Wastewater Collection Fund v. Water Fund C: 453-486 C: 561-586 C: 279-360 C: 361-374 C: 375-402 C: 429-452 C: 487-524



5. Public Safety a. Fire b. Office of Emergency Services c. Police O:205-214 O:255-261 O:277-288


Note: extra conversation about the Parking Lot starts here:


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