Finance Committee

May 12, 2021

FY2022 Transmittal letter

FY2022 Proposed Capital Budget

FY2022 Proposed Operating Budget

Public Comment


Call to Order         


Action Items

1. Fiscal Year 2022 May 11 Budget Hearing Continuation



2. Community and Library Services:

a. Community Services

b. Library


3. Planning and Transportation:

a. Planning and Development Services

b. Office of Transportation

Memo c. Special Revenue Funds Public Comment


4. Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Hearing Continuation


5. FY2022 Proposed Municipal Fees and Charges



6. Infrastructure and Environment

a. Utilities: Operating

i. Electric Fund

ii. Fiber Optics Fund

iii. Gas Fund

iv. Wastewater Collection Fund

v. Water Fund


b. Public Works: Operating

i. General Fund

ii. Airport Fund

iii. Refuse Fund

iv. Stormwater Management Fund

v. Vehicle Replacement Fund

vi. Wastewater Treatment Fund


7. Citywide Internal Support and Administration

a. Information Technology

b. Administrative Services (Including Printing and Mailing Fund)

c. Human Resources

d. City Attorney’s Office

e. City Auditor’s Office

f. City Clerk’s Office

g. City Manager’s Office

h. City Council

i. Non-Departmental Funds

i. General Benefits Funds

ii. Workers Compensation Fund

iii. General Liabilities Insurance Program

iv. Retiree Health Benefit Fund v. Debt Service Fund


8. May 3, 4, 11, and 12 Budget Hearing Summary Discussion


Oral Communications

Future Meetings and Agendas


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