Finance Committee

May 12th, 2016


Call to Order 

Oral Communications

Action Items   Capital Budget Book   Operational Budget Book

1. Staff Responses to Committee Questions From Budget Hearing Meetings



2. Finance Committee Recommendation Regarding Amendments to the Muni Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2017   Staff Memo



3. Public Works Overview, Operating Budget pp. 345-349

a) General Fund, Operating Budget pp. 350-360



d) Wastewater Treatment Fund

i. Operating Budget pp. 378-386

ii. Capital Budget pp. 551-580



b) Refuse Fund

i. Operating Budget pp. 361-368

ii. Capital Budget pp. 491-500



c) Storm Drain Fund

i. Operating Budget pp. 369-377

ii. Capital Budget pp. 501-518



e) Airport Fund

i. Operating Budget pp. 387-393

ii. Capital Budget pp. 327-342



f) Vehicle Replacement and Maintenance Fund

i. Operating Budget pp. 394-401

ii. Capital Budget pp. 657-686



4. Approval of Staff Recommendation for a Three Year Pilot Contract for an On-site Fleet Parts and Inventory Program With Genuine Parts Company for an Estimated Annual Cost of $171,000

Future Meetings and Agendas


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