Finance Committee

May 10th, 2022


Call to Order   


Oral Communications   



Action Items

1) Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Process Overview


At Place Memo



2) Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program, Capital Fund Projects

a) Capital Improvement Fund

b) Cubberley Capital Improvement Plan




3) Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program (Cont’d.), Enterprise Fund Projects & Internal Service Fund Projects.

a) Information Technology

i) Technology Fund

b) Public Works

i) Airport Fund [Public Works]

ii) Stormwater Management Fund [Public Works]

iii) Wastewater Treatment Fund [Public Works]

iv) Vehicle Replacement Fund

c) Utilities

i) Electric Fund

ii) Fiber Optics Fund

iii) Gas Fund

iv) Wastewater Collection Fund

v) Water Fund

d) Sustainability & Climate Action Plan




4) Public Safety

a) Fire

b) Office of Emergency Services

c) Police




Future Meetings and Agendas


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