Finance Committee

May 9th, 2023


Call to Order   

Oral Communications   



Action Item

  1. Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program, Capital Fund Projects
    a) Capital Improvement Fund (Pages C: 47-291)
    b) Cubberley Property Infrastructure Fund (Pages C: 293-313)




2. Infrastructure and Environment: Capital Improvement Program, Enterprise Fund Projects & Internal Service Fund Projects
a) Information Technology
i) Technology Fund (Pages C: 593-624)
b) Public Works
i) Airport Fund (Pages C: 317-339)
ii) Stormwater Management Fund (Pages C: 461-490)
iii) Wastewater Treatment Fund (Pages C: 511-546)
iv) Vehicle Replacement and Maintenance Fund (Pages C: 625-653)
c) Utilities
i) Electric Fund (Pages C: 341-415)
ii) Fiber Optics Fund (Pages C: 417-433)
iii) Gas Fund (Pages C: 435-459)
iv) Wastewater Collection Fund (Pages C: 491-509)
v) Water Fund (Pages C: 547-589)




3. Review and Recommend to Council to Approve the FY 2024 Proposed Municipal Fee Schedule Amendments as Part of the FY 2024 Budget.

Item 3 Late Packet Report




4. Infrastructure and Environment
a) Utilities: Operating
i) Electric Fund (Pages O: 413-426)
ii) Fiber Optics Fund (Pages O: 427-434)
iii) Gas Fund (Pages O: 435-448)
iv) Wastewater Collection Fund (Pages O: 449-457)
v) Water Fund (Pages O: 459-472)
b) Public Works: Operating
i) General Fund (Pages O: 341-352)
ii) Airport Fund (Pages O: 353-360)
iii) Refuse Fund (Pages O: 361-370)
iv) Stormwater Management Fund (Pages O: 371-381)
v) Vehicle Replacement and Maintenance Fund (Pages O: 383-391)
vi) Wastewater Treatment Fund (Pages O: 393-403)
c) Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Update




5. Citywide Internal Support and Administration
a) Information Technology (Pages O: 267-279)
b) Administrative Services (including Printing & Mailing Fund) (Pages O: 181-201)
i) Debt Services Fund (Pages O: 105-115)
c) Human Resources
i) General Fund (Pages O: 247-254)
ii) General Liabilities Insurance Program (Pages O: 255-259)
iii) Workers’ Compensation Fund (Pages O: 261-266)
iv) General Benefits Fund (Pages O: 481-487)
v) Retiree Health Benefit Fund (Pages O: 488-490)
d) City Attorney’s Office (Pages O: 119-128)
e) City Auditor’s Office (Pages O: 129-136)
f) City Clerk’s Office (Pages O: 137-146)
g) City Manager’s Office (Pages O: 153-167)
h) City Council (Pages O: 147-151)




6. Finance Committee Budget Hearing Recap and Next Steps

Supplemental Memo

Future Meetings and Agendas


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