Finance Committee

May 4th, 2017



Call to Order

Oral Communications



1. May 2nd Budget Hearing Continuation



2. Information Technology

a) Operating Budget (pp. 269-283)

b) Capital Budget (pp. 601-621)



3. Library (pp. 285-294)



4. Development Services (pp. 213-228)



5. Public Works

a) General Fund, Operating Budget (pp. 348-359)

b) Refuse Fund

i. Operating Budget (pp. 368-378)

ii. Capital Budget (pp. 482-483)

c) Storm Drain Fund

i. Operating Budget (pp. 379-387)

ii. Capital Budget (pp. 486-493)

d) Wastewater Treatment Fund

i. Operating Budget (pp. 395-402)

ii. Capital Budget (pp. 526-551)

e) Airport Fund

i. Operating Budget (pp. 360-367)

ii. Capital Budget (pp. 321-341)

f) Vehicle Replacement and Maintenance Fund

i. Operating Budget (pp. 388-394)

ii. Capital Budget (pp. 625-647)

Future Meetings and Agendas


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