Finance Committee

April 17th, 2018


Call to Order

Oral Communications

Action Items



3. Review of Initial Public Opinion Survey Results Regarding Potential 2018 Ballot Measure to Address the Funding Gap for the 2014 Infrastructure Plan, Discussion of Next Steps for Addressing the Funding Gap, and Potential Recommendation to Council Regarding Refinement of Survey Elements and Objectives for a Follow-up Survey.



  1. Adoption of a Resolution Amending Utility Rate Schedule D-1 (Storm and Surface Water Drainage) Increasing the Storm Water Management Fee by 2.9 Percent to $14.05 Per Month Per Equivalent Residential Unit for Fiscal Year 2019.



2. Utilities Advisory Commission Recommendation that the City Council Adopt: (1) a Resolution Approving the Fiscal Year 2019 Water Utility Financial Plan; and (2) a Resolution Increasing Water Rates by 4 Percent by Amending  Rate Schedules W-1 (General Residential Water Service), W-2 (Water Service from Fire Hydrants), W-3 (Fire Service Connections), W-4 (Residential Master-Metered and General Non-Residential Water Service), and W-7 (Non-Residential Irrigation Water Service) ( Continued From April3, 2018).

Future Meetings and Agendas


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