Foreign Correspondent’s Update on Iran and Syria

By Eva Barrows

“Other Voices” host Paul George speaks with foreign correspondent Reese Erlich about the current state of affairs between the U.S. and Iran, and the latest on Syria. The Trump administration pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal even though Iran was upholding its commitments. As a result of re-imposed sanctions, the value of Iran’s currency is falling. Erlich says the leadership of Iran has two ways to respond to the situation, one is to tough out the sanctions, and the other is to step up uranium enrichment within legal limits. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is okay with making the Iranian people suffer.

Syrian rebels have mostly been defeated or pushed back, but Syria remains split with U.S. and Kurdish forces occupying a portion of the country and Assad’s government, Russia and Iran holding the remainder. All countries involved in the Syrian war have their own political reasons for being there. Erlich talks about the motives and goals of each country in the conflict. The way forward for the Syrian people is still unclear, and it’s uncertain where funding to rebuild will come from.

Watch this episode of “Other Voices” for an educated, well-informed discussion on these challenging topics.

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