Gallery House Exhibit

Midpen has invited artists from Palo Alto’s Gallery House to show their works here at our facility. Currently there is a two-person show that is running from September through November featuring Michael Endicott and Josh Stein. The show can be seen during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday.
Michael is a well known Bay Area fine art photographer that takes the art form to a whole new level. He is recognized as an Urban Nature impressionist whose work ranges from minimalist simplicity to expressionist abstract realism. He is exhibiting large, 30 x 20 photographs printed on metal. Some pieces are restful and meditative with a soft range of light and shadow, showing architectural form that gives the perception of foreground/background flipping, while others are minimalist photography where up-close composition results in full blown distant landscapes.
Josh is a noted Napa Valley mixed-media artist, musician, writer and professor who works in metallic, iridescent, and fluorescent colors, using textures that lift the paint off of the surface. The result is a kaleidoscope of vibrant, glow-in-the-dark, colors and patterns that engage the senses. In this show there is a piece that flows down off the wall and onto the floor that is meant to be touched as part of the experience.