Giving Back to the Community

By Eva Barrows

In the second episode of “MC Youth Presents: Black Excellence,” host Nyla Choates explores how black youth are giving back to and strengthening their communities. Mother-son team Jennifer Lyons and Jules Thomas co-founded Onyxx Village Connections, a mobile outreach providing hot meals to the underserved in East Palo Alto. At five years old, Jules started giving back to his community; now sixteen, he’s greeting people in need with a smile and giving them much-needed nourishment. Thomas feels closer to his community through his outreach work.

CJ Choates joined Nyla for the second part of the show to discuss current pop culture. CJ noted that the music industry has changed because hip hop artists are holding on to the rights to their music instead of signing on with recording companies. Music artists have been able to keep control of their music and are making more money. In turn, artists have the opportunity to invest in the communities where they grew up, like the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. CJ says that black people should support black businesses and black people doing good things, which will help strengthen the black community.