Giving Tuesday Results – Our Van Gets Legs!

By Becky Sanders

Thank you to all our fans who donated on Giving Tuesday and who shared our message and put the heat on their friends to donate. It’s great when you DON’T recognize the names of everyone who gives! We attracted some new fans and that’s part of what #GT is all about. And of course if it weren’t for the usual suspects, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

The goal of #GT2018 was to raise $12,500:
• to train a second producer in the operations of the new van so that our Sara isn’t the only producer
• to train 20 existing and new volunteers to run the truck
• to cover 10 events in the community in addition to our regular sports coverage program

Well we will be able to do MOST of what we planned, which is fabulous. Together, we raised just over $9000, $9,023.46 to be exact and we still have Facebook Fundraisers and pledges in play totaling an additional $1200. So if that all comes through, we’re looking at $10,223.46.

For you statisticians out there:
Our smallest donation was $3.46
Our largest donation was $1,000
Total donors as of this writing are 57
The average donation was $166
The median donation was $100

This is fantastic news and you all did it! For which we thank you.
To learn more about how the money will be allocated visit this webpage
from our campaign. And it’s not too late to vote with your dollars and donate for the van roll-out.

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