GLOBAL COMMUNITY! Live at 2:30 this Sunday, Channel 27

Tune in Sunday, January 30, on Channel 27 at 2:30 pm to watch “Global Community”, a LIVE two-hour event. Based on the fundamental principle that we live in an interdependent, interconnected universe and, therefore “all is one,” the Foundation for Global Community (FGC) has existed in various iterations for close to 60 years, beginning with the Sequoia Seminars led by Dr. Harry Rathbun, a Stanford business and law professor and his wife, Emilia.

The Foundation for a Global Community asks us “to discover, live, and communicate what is needed to achieve a world that functions for the benefit of all life” and advocates the setting aside of “narrow self-interests” and to “act with integrity, consciousness, and a spirit of goodwill.” I think you can tell why an organization with both lofty ideals and a concrete plan for executing them is going to leave a void in the hearts of so many in our community.

Recognizing that everything —plants, animals, people and foundations—has a beginning and an end, FGC in 2003 began a process of passing on its resources to other individuals and organizations that meet the Foundation’s mission statement of building a sustainable, just, and spiritually fulfilling global community.

The two hour program will celebrate the legacy of wisdom from the past and celebrate the passing on of that inheritance to the new explorers and innovators. Author ( The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos Universe Story) and cosmologist, Brian Swimme will speak on “The Universe and the Golden Thread.” Some call it “a golden thread” that has existed since the beginning of time and is only strengthened and enhanced by the passion and efforts of future generations.

Folllowing Dr. Swimme, author Duane Elgin (The Living Universe, Voluntary Simplicity) will explore “The Living Universe and the Golden Thread.”

The program includes a 20-minute journey through the history of the Foundation. Seven recipients of FGC grants will then talk with Host Richard Rathbun about their project and how the financial support has helped their efforts. Passing away of a legacy? We think not. Passing on the baton? That sounds apropos.

Due to the expected turnout, this live-studio event is by invitation only, but is being broadcast and streamed live. The program will also be available to watch on playback. This program is expected to run throughout the month on February. Once the program has been scheduled for playback (usually within one week of taping), you may visit our program page and type in “Global Community” in the search box. To learn more about the Foundation for a Global Community visit their website.

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