Going Back to the Well: A Message from Executive Director/CEO Keri Stokstad

It was a privilege to have over 100 community media colleagues join us at Midpen Media for the ACM Western Regional Conference opening night mixer and see our team’s tremendous work to create a modern creator space. The event did not disappoint, and we received many heartfelt compliments. The irony was that many who had heard of Midpen Media had no idea that we had such an open and inviting production facility, even after nearly 35 years in existence — with over 20 years at the 900 San Antonio location. Being a “best-kept secret” is the challenge we face as we re-introduce ourselves and re-establish the visibility of our expansive and creative working space.

The ACM has been a source of knowledge, kinship, and in my case, an extended family of community media peers for close to 30 years. When describing the regional and national conferences, I refer to the experience as going back to the well—spending time with people with the shared experience of working in an industry that combines technology and service. It is a time of inspiration, and being able to share our stories is healing and renewing.

At Midpen Media we have positioned ourselves to be our own well—a source of value to our community. We hope that you will take the time to stop in and see the positive changes we have made and that we can eventually be a place you return to in order to spark your creative spirit.