Happy Birthday East Palo Alto!

This summer marks East Palo Alto’s 37th birthday. Though we may still be social distancing, you can join us in celebrating East Palo Alto’s rich history by tuning in to Channel 75 later this month! We’ll be airing special programming blocks featuring panels hosted by the Nairobi College Reunion Committee that were held in 2019 discussing East Palo Alto’s roots. 

On July 18th and 24th beginning at 9 am, and July 19th and 25th beginning at 10 am, you can watch the five panels and a series of individual interviews with panelists who have been instrumental in the incorporation of the city since Nairobi College first formed in the 1960s. The panel discussions cover a history of community development from the 1960s through the 1990s. The final panel, Y2k and Beyond, covers some of the hopes and desires for moving forward in East Palo Alto.

Midpen Media is honored to broadcast these important conversations regarding our community’s diverse and inspiring history. If you have a story, a hope, or a happy birthday message to add to our celebration of East Palo Alto, please submit it to ideas@midpenmedia.org so that we can help make your voice heard!