“Healthy & Delicious” Serves Up Cooking Inspiration

By Eva Barrows

Ever feel guilty when frying your favorite comfort food? You know…it’s going to be delicious but far from nutritious. The new cooking show “Healthy & Delicious,” from Nutritionist Michaela Clauss and Executive Chef Lionel Haeberle, cuts the guilt out of cooking for taste by serving up nutritious savory meals.

Chef Lionel kicks off the first episode with a family recipe “Country Mushroom Tartine” which incorporates half a stick of butter – delicious but not so healthy. Michaela looks on with good natured skepticism as the traditional French appetizer is fried in butter. The show heats up when Chef Lionel and Michaela demonstrate how to make Southwestern Chorizo Hash and Black-crusted Halibut with Ratatouille. Michaela guides the viewer through the nutritional value of the ingredients used in the tasty and healthy dishes.

The show utilizes Midpen Media Center’s virtual set capabilities. The hosts appear to be cooking in the top floor of a San Francisco skyscraper sporting awesome city views. Sleek intro graphics and fun background music add to the professional design of the show. Chef Lionel and Michaela have fun talking about what food means to them as they toss around alternate ideas on ingredients and flavor combos. “Healthy & Delicious” is an entertaining show that inspires viewers to try cooking great tasting good-for-you meals.

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