Lynne Cudden’s video about the South Bay organization HELP ONE CHILD swept the graduate category of the 3rd Bianniual Zoomies held in the Media Center studios last Friday night.  Nobody could have been more surprised than the filmmaker herself!  She was characteristically soft spoken and humble about receiving all three awards.  It was really moving for this writer, to share the stage with Lynne and hear about her motivation to get the word out about this worthy non-profit that supports foster families.

Lynne began the video in class but went out to refine her vision and create a superior “calling card” for Help One Child.  Congratulations to Lynne from everyone here at the Media Center.  The video is embedded on the “Help One Child” website and greatly enhances their messaging.

“HELP ONE CHILD” was one of six videos chosen as finalist by the judges last Tuesday.  Our wonderful panel of judges consisted of Haelin Cho (youth representative), Beth Charlesworth (Zoomer not in Competition) and Sue Purdy Pelosi (MC Board Member).

Additional Finalists in the graduate category were:

“Quest for the Perfect Reverb” by Gary Masching
“California Avenue Redesign” by Roland Vogl
“Fall is For Planting” by Lynn Krug
“Mitchell Park Hard Hat Tour” by Wes Rapaport
“Cupertino Energy Upgrade” by Rick Row

Two environmental videos took top honors at the Zoomies in the Student Category and a third environmental video was named finalist as well.  The six class project finalists were:

“What Makes You Smile?”, by Allen Rosenberg and Harlan Crowder
“Share a Garden” by Lynn Krug
“Recycling PSA” by Tesha Shalon
“Pet Food Express: Welcome to the Dog Wash” by Caroline Ebinger
“California State Park Closures”, by Lindsay Burdette
“Anaerobic Digestion Plant” by Isabel Benatar

The “Recycling PSA” won Overall Excellence and also tied for Community Impact with Lindsay Burdette’s video about the closing of the state parks in California.  Congratulations to all the finalists and  thank you for working on your craft with us!  All videos may be watched on the Zoom In Youtube page


We thank the set up crew and the donation crew — without whom the ZOOMIES would not have been so delicious, inviting and comfortable.

Lessa Bouchard
Beth Charlesworth
Doug and Pat Kreiiz
Joyce McClure

and MING’S of Palo Alto for donating a platter of appetizers plus gift certificates.

And thank you to the breakdown crew – pretty much everybody who was there at the end, with a special thank you to Gary Masching and Tommy Tuesday for stacking chairs and stowing props away.

And finally thank you to:

Scott Van Duyne
Stan Ng
and Jeff McGinnis

who did an amazing job making sure that all things technical ran smoothly.

Doug Kreitz has posted 21 pictures from the event.  Thank you Doug!

The “snaps” are available for “purchase” at a nominal fee – proceeds benefitting – you guessed it — Zoom In.

And finally thank you to Mayor Sid Espinosa for his surprise visit, and impromptu speechmaking!  Sid was featured in two of the videos – Mitchell Park Hard Hat Tour and California Avenue Redesign.


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