Helping You Connect During the Pandemic

By Eva Barrows

If you’re looking to swap stories with someone about how you’ve been handling the shelter in place order, click on over to our Facebook page. We’ve asked a few icebreaker questions to stir up some conversation. Let us know what you’re looking forward to most when it’s ok to roam free again, whether you are picking up or refining any skills, how you are staying connected with friends and family. Add your responses and comment on others’ experiences and maybe make a new media-loving friend in the process. 

New social distancing video submissions have been rolling in, and we’d love to add one from you to our social media playlist. Members of the Palo Alto Youth Council reflect on why they are complying with the SIP orders in their video short “I Stay Home.” Midpen Media volunteer Tom fashions an intimidating yet comical look with his industrial respirator mask and another volunteer named Ron gives us a glimpse into his video editing studio and current project. Don’t miss the animated story “Cone” by Renee Productions, where a cat owner likens having to wear a mask during the pandemic to a cat having to wear the dreaded “cone of shame.”

To submit your 30-90 second social distancing story, contact We are accepting both video and audio submissions to distribute on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and for broadcast on local television!