Tonight the Palo Alto PTA Council kicks off another season of its Parent Education Events. These discussions are free and open to the public, and are packed with great ideas not only for parents of school aged kids, but for any adult who works with kids or wants to support the kids in their lives. Tonight’s topic: “From Crisis to Long Term Strategy… Developmental Assets – A Community Framework for Helping Youth Thrive”.
This will be a panel presentation to introduce the Developmental Assets Framework which has been adopted by the school district, the City, and community agencies to support the health, resiliency, and overall well-being of our youth.
Right now, kids at both Paly and Gunn are returning permission slips from parents allowing them to take a confidential survey exploring kids’ feelings of safety, well being and connectedness at school. This important survey will be discussed this evening and the results of the survey will be used as a basis for new initiatives at both schools to make sure all children feel good about school and about themselves. The goal is to connect kids to one another, to adults and to the institutions that support them.
Attend the meeting at 7 pm tonight at PAUSD Board Chambers at 25 Churchill Street. Or watch it live, coming to you on Channel 28. You can watch it replayed on our channels. Click here to see when it comes on next.
And click here to visit the Parent Ed page of the PTA Council website. There’s a lot of support for families and students out there. A lot of people just don’t know where to go. The PTA Council website is a good place to start.
The next Parent Ed program is October 13. We hope to bring that to you live as well. The PTA Council is currently seeking angel donors to help underwrite the costs associated with producing this series, seven in all.
The Media Center is proud to be a sponsor of the first in this valuable series!

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