Historic Resources Board

July 23rd, 2015


Call to Order

Roll Call

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

Minutes Approval: June 25, 2015

Public Hearings:

1. 430 Forest Avenue [15PLN-00013]: Request by David Solnick, on behalf of the Sageleaf Forest LLC, for Architectural Review of a proposal to demolish an existing, one-story 6,720 sq. ft. office building and construct two new residential buildings. The two-story building would contain two townhomes with attached garages, and the three-story building would contain 10 apartment units plus one penthouse, served by parking spaces in a single level subterranean parking facility under the 22,500 sq. ft. site, located in the High Density Multiple-Family Residence (RM-40) zone district. The project includes a Design Enhancement Exception request for a three-foot side yard encroachment to locate the garage ramp and its associated structures, and minor rear and side yard encroachments for patio trellis structures. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the provisions of the California Environment Quality Act (CEQA) per CEQA Section 15332.





2. 450 Bryant Street [14PLN-00342]: Request by Lisa Hendrickson, on behalf of Avenidas, for Preliminary Review by the Historic Resources Board of modifications to a two-story, Category 2 Historic Structure/Site on a City-owned site zoned Public Facilities (PF). The proposed modifications include: (1) interior renovation of the building (the City’s former Fire and Police Station, constructed 1927) and the existing, one-story detached addition (constructed 1950), (2) demolition of the existing one-story, 2,600 square foot attached addition (constructed 1978), and (3) construction of a new three-story, 10,100 square foot addition and related site improvements.

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