Historic Resources Board

August 20, 2014


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New Business:

1. 2275 Amherst Street [14PLN-00148]Application by Margaret Wimmer, on behalf of Ken DeLeon, for Historic Resources Board review and recommendation regarding proposed alternation and additions to a residence, initially constructed in 1893, that is listed on the City’s Historic Inventory in Category 2. The Project includes a 200 sq. ft. recessed patio with access from the proposed basement and a new stairway from the existing porch. The existing service porch on the west evaluation will be replaced by a one-story 169 sq. ft. addition and an open balcony in the second floor. A 49 sq. ft. dormer is proposed at the third floor attic. A request for Home Improvement has been filed to allow the proposed dormer, at a height, 38 ft. 3 in. to exceed the maximum allowable height by 8 ft., where the existing structure is 40 ft. in height. Zoning District: R-1. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per Sections 15331 Historical Resource Rehabilitation and 15301 Existing Facilities.

Board/Staff Announcements, Updates, Reports, and Comment: Members of the public may not speak to the item(s).

SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERS: David Bower, Patricia DiCicco, and Beth Bunnenberg


2. 221 Kingsley Avenue (the Fowler Mansion) [14PLN-00182]: Request by Max Keech on behalf of John H and Sybille A Pfluke Trustee for Historic Resources Board Subcommittee Review for a couple of landscape and material choice issues Environmental Assessment: Categorically Exempt form the provisions of CEQA, Section 15331. Zone District: R-1.


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