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May 25th, 2017


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2. 250 and 350 Sherman Avenue [17PLN‐00136 and 17PLN‐00135]: HRB Study Session Supporting Preliminary Architectural Review of a New Approximately 40,351 sq. ft. Public Safety Building at 250 Sherman Avenue and a New Parking Structure at 350 Sherman Avenue to Contain 636 Parking Spaces on Six Levels (Two Below Grade) with a footprint of 37,075 sq.ft. and floor area of 149,500 sq.ft. The Public Safety Building Site Would be Developed with Three Individual Buildings and Provide 167 Parking Spaces for Use by the Palo Alto Police Department, 911 Emergency Dispatch Center, Emergency Operations Center, Office of Emergency Services, and Fire Department. Environmental Assessment: An Environmental Impact Report is Being Prepared; Formal Project Application not yet Submitted. Zone District: PF; Public Facilities. For More Information, Please Contact Matt Raschke at matt.raschke@cityofpaloalto.org or Chief Planning Official Amy French at amy.french@cityofpaloalto.org.




3. 640 Waverley Street [17PLN‐00105]: Historic Resources Board Study Session to Discuss a Preliminary Architectural Review application for a Mixed Use Building to Replace Two Structures on a Downtown Site Determined Ineligible for Listing as Historic Resources.

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