Historic Resources Board

February 24th, 2022


Call to Order / Roll Call

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Additions, and Deletions



City Official Reports

1. Historic Resources Board Schedule of Meeting and Assignments



Action Items

2. PUBLIC HEARING: 567 Hale Street [21BLD-02531]: Request for Historic Resources Board Review of a Building Permit Application for Consistency with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. The Project Includes Exterior Modifications to a Local Historic Resource Category II. Zone District: R-1 (10,000). Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per Sections 15268 (Ministerial Projects). For More Information Contact the Project Planner Danielle Condit at danielle.condit@cityofpaloalto.org.



3. Historic Resources Board Discussion of 2021 Work Plan Results and Review of Draft 2022 Work Plan.



Approval of Minutes

4. Approval of Historic Resources Board Draft Minutes of October 28, 2021

5. Approval of Historic Resources Board Draft Minutes of December 9, 2021

Board Member Questions, Comments or Announcements


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