HONORING VETERANS – Channel 30 Tomorrow


Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. In honor of the memory of those who gave their lives and to say thank you to the survivors and to the service men and women who are still representing our country here and abroad we have an entire day of programming planned.

On Channel 30, starting at 6:30 am we will be running a “Veterans Helping Veterans” Marathon. Veterans Helping Veterans is produced right here at the Media Center Studios and covers topics and issues of concern to today’s veterans — where to find support, the right health care, jobs, and how to help other Veterans returning from the stress of living life on the front lines. Host and co-producer Sheryl Shaffer is a tireless advocate for Veterans. Catch some of her spirit tomorrow and on the regularly scheduled playback times for Veterans Helping Veterans on Channel 20.

At 12 pm, we will run “Remembering World War II: First Person Accounts“, a 3.5 hour program of personal accounts of the World War II experience — personal accounts told by our neighbors right here in Silicon Valley! This program is graciously brought to us by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and was a labor of love production by their students and staff over many years. We are proud to bring you this incredibly powerful and moving tribute of such historic significance. Special thanks to Sheila Dunec of Foothill College for bringing this treasure to our attention!

From 4pm-8pm another Veterans Helping Veterans mini-marathon and then at 8 pm another cablecast of “Remembering World War II: First Person Accounts.”

And if you have a chance, drop by our local VA Hospitals and Homes right here in Palo Alto and in Menlo Park and see what you can do to help. Volunteers, donations, and gifts are always appreciated and needed.

And finally, did you know that right here at the Media Center we have some veterans? Steve Hall who volunteers on practically every show we produce served in Vietnam. Friend Steve on Facebook and say Hi! Art DeSouza a recent graduate of Zoom In told his Vietnam story in his student project that he co-produced with Zoom In member Kathy DeSouza. And if there is a veteran around here that I don’t know about yet, well let me know… I’d love to shake his or her hand.

Veterans programming:
Veterans Helping Veterans Marathon 6:30 am & 4 pm
Remembering World War II: First Person Accounts 12 pm and 8 pm

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