Human Relations Commission

April 25th, 2017


Roll Call 

Agenda Changes, Requests, Deletions

Oral Communications


1. Ad hoc Selection Committee recommendation to the HRC for Human Services Resource Allocation Process (HSRAP) Funding for Fiscal Years 2018-19 – Commissioner O’Nan – Action

Attachment A    Attachment B    Attachment C



2. Discussion of proposed new HRC event – Multi-faith community dinner & convening – Action – Vice Chair Stinger



3. Recognition of service – Discussion – Vice Chair Stinger

Reports from Officials – Chair Stone

1. Commissioner Reports

2. Council Liaison Report

3. Staff Liaison Report

Tentative Agenda for Next Regular Meeting: May 11, 2017

1. Recommendation to Finance Committee for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding for Fiscal Year 2018 – CDBG Ad Hoc Committee – Action (30 minutes) Public Hearing


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