Human Relations Commission

October 12th, 2017


Roll Call 

Agenda Changes, Requests, Deletions

Oral Communications




1. Palo Alto Mediation Program presentation on their recruitment and update on new bylaws – Chair Stinger – Action



2. Recommendation from Ad hoc Subcommittee for the Human Services Resources Allocation Process (HSRAP) second funding for FY2018-19 – Commissioner O’Nan – Action

Staff Report
Priority of Needs
Funding Recommend



3. Debrief of the joint HRC/Council Study Session on October 2 – Chair Stinger – Discussion



4. Recommendation from Ad hoc Subcommittee to Council’s Resolution on working towards a diverse, supportive, inclusive and protective community – Chair Stinger – Action



5. Discussion on HRC Priorities FY2018 – Chair Stinger – Discussion

6. Discussion of the HRC Draft Community Recognition Policy – Chair Stinger – Action



7. Recognition of Service for Commissioner Shelly Gordon Gray – Discussion

Reports from Officials – Chair Stinger

  1. Commissioner Reports
  2. Council Liaison Report
  3. Staff Liaison Report

Tentative Agenda for Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, November 10, 2017


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