Human Relations Commission

May 9th, 2024


Roll Call

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Requests, Deletions


1. March 14, 2024




2. Consideration of motion that reflects the process identified in Rosenberg’s Rules of Order to reconsider motion passed on February 8, 2024 that states that the “HRC recommends City Council direct staff to work with the HRC to convene a meeting in 2024 to discuss hate crimes with representatives of law enforcement, city leadership and experts in the field”  and replace it with a motion to indicate that the HRC will take leadership in planning the meeting.” – Eberle – Action.



3. Review of the Past Year. – Eberle – Discussion.

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4. Overview of Core Responsibilities, Liaisons, and Buddies. – Kraus – Discussion



5. Public Comment for Agenda Item Number 6.

6. Development of Workplan and Divvying Up of Liaison and Buddy Responsibilities for the Year. – Eberle and Kraus – Action



Reports from Officials

1. Commissioner Reports

2. Council Liaison Report

3. Staff Liaison Report


Public Letters