Human Relations Commission

February 13th, 2020


Roll Call

Agenda Changes, Requests, Deletions

Oral Communications




1. Presentation by Kory Amaral, Executive Director of the Bay Area Western Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America – Kralik – Discussion



2. Presentation by Rachael Tanner, Assistant Director of Planning & Community Environment, on the Safe Parking Pilot program and next steps. – Staff/Lee



3. Presentation by Dr. Karen Eggleston, Director, Asia Health Policy Program, Stanford University on perspectives on the novel coronavirus 2019-nCov pandemic – Kralik – Discussion



4. Human Relations Commission Chair and Vice Chair Elections and consideration of recommendation to move and hold new elections at the June 2020 Retreat if Chair/Vice Chair are not elected – Kralik – Action



Reports From Officials

  1. Commissioner Reports
  2. Council Liaison Report
  3. Staff Liaison Report

Tentative Agenda for Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, March 12, 2020


Public Documents

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