Incorporate LIVE Video Feeds into Your Studio Show! Learn How: Sign-Up for TalkShow Plus

TalkShow allows you to incorporate a live shot from anywhere around the world into your studio show via any video-enabled device running Skype software. We can show you how to set up remote shots — just like the broadcast pros!

The “Plus” component builds upon the foundational knowledge of Audio and the TriCaster as taught in the Studio Class, reviewing the basics, then exploring more advanced functions by which these two production elements can support and enhance a live audio & video feed.

This one-day workshop is being offered on the following day:

Sunday, May 1, 1 pm – 4 pm

To Register: Contact Karen at
Class Size: 8 students
Cost: $20/student – You may pay on the evening of the class (exact cash or checks will make for quicker transactions!)

If you’d like to pay in advance, please call Lupita at (650) 494-8686, ext. 35. She can take credit card information over the phone.

You may cancel your reservation 1 week prior to the class without loosing your tuition; otherwise, you will be responsible for the entire training fee.

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